The benefits of swimmimg

Life saving

The latest statistics show that 397 people lost their lives last year in accidental drownings in the UK. At Take the Plunge we educate our swimmers about the risks of swimming in pools and in open water.


Its wonderful for us to see the swimmers start at age 4 and continue through our levels up to advanced length swimming. During this journey the young people (and their parents/carers) make friends for life.

Strength Building

Swimming at any level will build endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. It will tone muscles and increase flexibility as nearly every muscle in the body is used whilst swimming.


All learning can be fun and we ensure that even the most challenging lessons will have a contrast activity at the end. Swimmers will learn star floats, jumping in and diving, to name a few. Also, at  the end of term we have a fun session with the big floats.

Physical health

Swimming is a low impact form of exercise that everyone can enjoy. It provides an all over body workout. Swimming will help to maintain a healthy heart and weight.

Mental health

Physical activity has a massive impact on our well being. It enhances our mental alertness, encourages a positive mood and can reduce stress.