Our swimming lessons

Each lesson is 30 minutes long and will consist of a brief warm up, relevant teaching practises and a contrast activity.

The last week of term sees a 15 minute lesson and 15 minutes of free time.


Lessons by ability 


Swimmers in our beginners class are moving around the pool with or without floats. This can be with feet on or off of the floor of the pool. 

Classes will consist of moving forwards and backwards, lying in the water and building confidence in both the supine and prone positions. 

Moving into a recognised leg action for front crawl and backstroke.

All whilst having fun of course!


Monday and Tuesday 4.30pm, 5pm & 5.30pm


The improvers at Take the Plunge swim widths and focus upon building the technique of frontcrawl and backstroke.

With this stamina and strength is increased preparing for the new challenges of breathing in frontcrawl and the addition of breaststroke and butterfly.

Other water skills are mastered alongside different ways of entering the water.



Monday & Tuesday 4.30pm, 5pm & 5.30pm


The pool is converted to length swimming for the advanced swimmers. There are 3 levels within this group. 

A pre-cursor to club swimming tasks and drills for technique are mastered. 

Our older swimmers find this not only a fun physical experience but a social one too. 


Monday & Tuesdays 6pm